Big Breasted Caregiver & Special Service


Jung-ah, a caregiver who helps Yuk-bong, who is stiff and cannot move well. Yukbong’s body gradually relaxes and becomes able to move when Jeonga touches it. Then, one day, Yook-bong, who was erected by Jeong-ah’s hand washing Yuk-bong, gradually relaxes and succeeds in having sex with Jung-ah. Yoongi, the nephew who lives with him, brings his girlfriend Somi and introduces him to Yukbong and Junga. Jung-a asks Yoon-gi for help, saying that there is a problem with the bathroom, but in fact, she likes young Yoon-gi and seduces him to have sex with him as an excuse. While Jung-ah is away, Yuk-bong needs to urinate and looks for Jeong-ah, but Jeong-ah is not there, so So-mi enters Yuk-bong’s room and asks what she can help. Yuk-bong is embarrassed, but he has no choice but to ask So-mi to urinate, but So-mi, surprised to see Yuk-bong’s genitals, spills urine and has no choice but to wipe the area around Yuk-bong’s genitals and have sex.

Actors: Min Woo / Sae Bom-I / Sang Woo