Mother-in-law Massage


Yoon-mi, who lives in her boyfriend Kwang-soo’s house, suddenly visits her mother, Jeong-a. Jung-ah, who can’t stand her father’s wishes anymore, divorces and leaves the house, asks Yoon-mi to stay for a while, and Kwang-soo agrees to stay with her. After meeting with her new lover Cheol-ho and thinking of breaking up with Kwang-soo, Yoon-mi is forced to postpone the breakup because of Jeong-ah. leaving the house, Jung-ah, who was lonely because of her husband’s affair, and Kwang-soo, who was lonely because of Yoon-mi’s busyness. In the end, the two develop a relationship, and Yoon-mi visits Kwang-soo at the urging of Cheol-ho to inform Kwang-soo of their breakup.