When a Hot Night Opens 2


A population who has a crush on the university queen camp. He looks for an opportunity to confess to Jinyoung, but he doesn’t have the courage. One day, in the school hallway, In-gu sees Jinyoung being confessed to by a tall, kinky man. In-gu, who has some confidence in his rejection of his confession, decides to confess and prepares a letter containing his heart. However, on the day he was about to confess, the player was taken away by his only best friend, Yeong-sik, and he lost even the courage he had barely gained at the sight of young-sik, who was so innocent. The frustrated population rushes to apply for military service. It was the day two days before enlistment and the last day of college. Coincidentally, Jinyoung finds out that on the day he enlists, he will go to language training. That night, Jinyoung has a farewell party with his friends, and In-gu wakes up late at night when everyone is drunk. Wearing a short skirt, I see Jinyoung sleeping in front of my eyes.

Actors: Seung Ha / Tommy / Yoon Yool