Wifes Young Stepmom


Byeong-geun, the president and father-in-law, remarries Ae-ran, who is in charge of the company’s finances, but in truth, Ae-ran is having an affair with Hyung-min, Byeong-geun’s son-in-law. for a long time. Hyung-min’s wife, Yeong-min, also has an affair with his father’s office manager, Park, because of her husband’s only job. While Byeong-geun is on a business trip to Jeju Island for a week, Hyung-min decides to secretly sell his father-in-law’s company and devises a plan. He decides to give Director Park money to divorce his wife, Ji-in, while gathering evidence. affair, he asks for Ae-ran’s financial statements to sell the company. Hyung-min asks for a divorce using a video of Zin-in’s affair, and a corporate broker sells the company while his father-in-law is on a business trip. Will Hyung-min’s plan work?